​​​​​​InfoMaption provided detailed design and planning services for a variety of project types. Project experience includes:

  • Water System Design, Hydraulic Modeling and Master Planning
  • Wastewater System Design, Hydraulic Modeling, Master Planning, and I&I Studies
  • Stormwater System Design, Site Drainage Design, and Stormwater Master Planning
  • Small Dam Design, Breach Analysis and Hazard Classification
  • Flood Impact Studies and Roadway Crossing Design
  • ​Land Development and Site Grading Design

InfoMaption has many years of experience in breaking down and relaying highly technical information in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. When teaching GIS, IM makes it their goal to deliver clear, intuitive lesson plans and instruction for students of all levels and backgrounds.   InfoMaption will tailor the content of their lessons to the organization and their specific workflow. We make it our goal to leave all of our students feeling confident and well armed with all the necessary tools they may need to be successful in their use of GIS.


Civil Design and Planning Projects

Cloud based web mapping applications have moved to the forefront of the GIS world. Organizations can improve the effectiveness and efficiency in their business processes through the use of web apps that are accessable to all members of an organization. IM has a specialty in developing customer web mapping applications and information sharing tools that leveral GIS data and are used for a variety of applications including asset management, field data collection, client/customer information among others. These applications are accessible through tablets, smart phones and computers providing intuitive user interfaces similar to common web-mapping application most are accustomed to using and robust to the the least computer savvy employee in the office. They are designed to help guide a user through tasks, without the extra buttons and information that one faces in desktop GIS applications. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! Web apps help to display large amounts of data and  information in a manner that is easy to understand. By implementing a web based mapping application, the organization can realize quick access to information throughout the organization, easy editing and updating capabilities, collection of additional data through GPS mapping, with little overhead and IT infrastructure.  Read more about ArcGIS Online

​​​InfoMaption has a diverse background in asset management, risk analysis, resource inventory, and vulnerability assessments for a variety projects.  We have developed asset management programs for water and wastewater systems, traffic sign management system, and conducted vulnerability assessment for high pressure natural gas pipelines.  InfoMaption understands the returns on investment for asset management can be quickly realized and is a responsible approach to support fiscal health for an organization for years to come.  

Our firm also develops company resource and customer location spatial databases and tools for organizations to better develop and enhance business strategies.   

Geographic Information Systems Development 

InfoMaption has a variety of experience developing and tailoring GIS information to support a diversity of applications.  Most GIS development projects are initiated by a GIS needs assessment which appraises the specific needs of an organization.  From that implementation planning lays a well defined path for GIS development and integration.  Many communities and organizations have realized the benefits of a well thought out GIS for improving workflow, better connecting different departments and improved business processes.     InfoMaption has a vast array of experience integrating with different organization types, assessing needs and opportunities, and developing information schema that provide mounting opportunities to better manage inter-related departments or facility information.  Out clients have realized quickly the efficiencies these systems can bring to day-to-day operations. For organizations, the integrated GIS that touches all departments enable them to work efficiently together and share common information. Our GIS development projects have been used for permitting, account inquiries, account payable, compliance monitoring, reporting, document and asset management and are often integrated with existing systems.


InfoMaption has extensive experience collecting information in the field used a variety of today’s most cutting edge technology and instrumentation.  Our firm is well versed in accuracy requirements for different data collection projects and technology option for each.  InfoMaption has a rich skill set and experience in the field of data collection for utility assets, detail hydrographic surveys, topological surveys, construction stakeout and field mapping.  Field data collection solutions have been developed using both technology that stores information to a local device or in the cloud.  InfoMaption has developed and implemented field data collection efforts for:

  • Water and Sewer System Mapping
  • Stormwater System Mapping
  • Traffic Sign Inventory
  • Asset and Structures Database Development
  • Land Survey Monument Mapping 

Survey and Field Mapping

GIS Training

Asset Management and Risk Analysis

GIS Web Application Development